Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Show Me Numbers by Shanesh Colors

If you want to teach your child to recognize numbers then this app will be of help to you.  This app is a part of Shanesh COLORS app series designed for kids on autism spectrum. It is based on discrete trial part of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis).

This is one of SAMPLE apps in the series that presents 5 numbers to the player and then asks the player to recognize the same numbers.  This SAMPLE App is FREE. The full version of App will have at least 50 questions.   

The app offers positive reinforcement in the form of an audio/visual or animated reward upon acceptable performance. It also plays interesting animation on each correct response to get or retain child’s attention.
Visit us at www.shanesh.com and www.colorsacademy.com for more information on our offered individualized touch screen based technology driven intervention program using kiosk and touch screen toys. We offer IEP driven synchronized intervention to children with Autism.
Shanesh COLORS Program is an innovative way to deliver extended evidence-based therapy like Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This intervention program is specially designed for special needs education and children with learning disabilities or individuals with autism or autism spectrum disorder. Our well tested technology extend the same ABA based therapy from the classroom or therapy centers to the homes for the children with learning disabilities, Autism or any other special needs.
Shanesh COLORS uses Touch Screen and Animation technology to provide individualized intense IEP (Individualized Education Plan) driven intervention utilizing individual’s personal interest and preferences. A fully integrated Tracking and Monitoring System, Customizable Settings and Automation are the focal points of Shanesh COLORS Program.
The COLORS Academy offers COLORS Program – a unique Program designed specifically for students with special education needs. The COLORS program delivers Individualized Colors Education Plan (ICEP) through kiosks and mobile devices.
 Shanesh’s COLORS program is a synchronized, holistic, integrated and collaborative intervention approach between schools, homes and providers for special needs education.
We offer common platform, environment and technology to all involved in the learning process of individuals with special needs.
We have join hands with Parents, Educators, Therapists, Researchers, Analysts, Technocrats and Service Providers to deliver synchronized and cost-effective intervention based on IEP goals and individual preferences. 

Shanesh COLORS program offers fun-filled, colorful, motivating, and vibrant educational content and environment using 3D animations and technology.
The Journey of Shanesh  COLORS
The journey of Shanesh COLORS started in 2007 as a small consulting assignment. The assignment was for a development of independent web based games. Today Shanesh COLORS is a global patent pending method and technology for autism.
One interesting fact about Shanesh COLORS is the participation of kids in the development process. Right from initial sketches to expressive voiceovers, from creative ideas to helpful reviews kids have been part and parcel of Shanesh COLORS.

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