Thursday, October 13, 2011

Show Me App – Autism Series – Show Me v 1.0

This app lets the child recognize and name living and non-living objects in an interactive way.
The animations used in this app are high definition 3D animations which give realistic feel. This app also helps with generalization of receptive skill. The colorful screens and animations help stimulate attention making the learning process more effective. The audio and animated rewards after the correct responses act as positive reinforcers.
The app utilizes ABA method of intervention delivery to children on autism spectrum or with special education needs.
The pictures and animations in this app are from following categories; Animals, Birds, Flowers, Fruits, Musical Instruments, Shapes, Vegetables, Vehicles
The app is organized into multiple ‘Learn & Play’ sections where each section presents 5 pictures and animations.
Shanesh COLORS Program presents Apps based on ABA based intervention for individuals with Autism. This App is based on ABA intervention to children on autism spectrum and a part of Shanesh COLORS App series.
In order to know details of games for kids with Autism, please visit type "Shanesh" keyword in search box to get the list of Apps from Shanesh Colors for kids with Autism.

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